Below is a G-Dragon Fanvideo that I made a few month ago. I had really much fun while doing this because I've got like so many amazing Jiyong photos and videos! He's just too good-looking for this world. Honestly, he's the most talented man I know. This guy sings, raps, acts, models, writes songs, is the manager of a korean girl group, is the leader of his korean boy group and is awesome xD  I♥Kwon Jiyong

After making a G-Dragon Fanvideo I just had to do one for Leeteuk too because I watched "We got married" and he's just being so cute so I had to show it in a video. Enjoy!

And because T.O.P was my first bias ever and the man who brought me to kpop I also (who would have guessed it) made a video about him. It might be my favourite one cause I think the music fits quite well and he's just so cool that you can't do anything wrong.

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