Here you'll find some cool pictures!


ahh I love asian food<33 It's spicy and healthy xD I think I could eat chinese like everyday. I especially love chicken and rice^^


I really like that picture because it's art, it's something different but unlike lots of expenisve paintings it makes sense!! It's a bit macabre though...

That's such a beautiful place (>^-^<) I don't know where it is, but I wanna go there!! I wonder if that's New Zealand... that's basically how I think New Zealands coast is<33



I have no idea why I like this picture... It's just a blue coffee cup standing there.. It's nothing special but I still like it.. maybe because it's blue??


aww Fashion<33 Who isn't a fashion addict? <(^o^)> Fashion is fun. Fashion is a way to show the others who you are. Fashion can show the things you like and the things you care about. Fashion is like Art: not everyone understands it but who does will have a lot of fun and a lot of creativity <(^c^<)

Tokio<33 So wonderful

Asia is so wonderful<3

Dublin is such an awesome city<33 On the picture above you see the half penny bridge. It's a footbridge above the river Liffey.

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